farm management and
automation solution.

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How it works?

Our integrated farm management solution can help you run any size of farms you have.

Small gardens at your house, urban farms run by your community, or even a large farm business. Our building blocks of agricultural systems are made to accommodate any size of farm. It enables you to choose only what you need, that suits your business at the moment, and grow it gradually.

The power of our system lies in our farm computer. It works with already available sensors in the market and customizable to the requirements of the farm.

Our Packages

  • Tania Home
  • Tania Enterprise
  • Urban Farming

    Tania Home

    A complete kit of Terra the farm computer, Tania farm management system, and environment sensors for small farm in the urban area with a working Internet connection.

  • Industrial Farming

    Tania Enterprise

    Customised service for larger scale farm business. This solution can work even without continuous Internet connection.

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Our Features

Sensors as Input Agents

Sensors are an essential component of every process control system. We provide broad range of sensors that are already available
in the market, from simple sensors to measure air temperature
and humidity to advanced sensors to determine the microclimate
and comfortable conditions that your crops need.

Farm Computer

Specially build computer installed with our farm management software, Tania, that has the abilities to keeping farm records
and processing it, monitoring your farm status, and managing
your business. This computer equipped with the best industrial hardware components on the market, such as ARM core processors.

Farm Analytics with Machine Learning

Farm data inputted to the system are going to be analyzed by our machine learning to generate insight about your production factors and operational procedures. It also will help you to gain better understand about what's happening on the field at the moment,
and to make better decisions faster.

Output by Various Actuators

Insights that have been generated by our machine learning will be sent to actuator devices such as irrigation, air conditioner, ventilation, or any output systems you want to automate. By using our service, your farm business potentially saves a lot of energy, time, and costs.

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