Our Roadmap

Q2 2015

Initiated Tanibox

Asep & Retno began to tinker with hydroponics gardening and Internet of Things in their apartment. They picked Tanibox as their fun project name.

Q4 2015

Built A Greenhouse

They moved to a house with small frontyard where they then built a mini greenhouse as a lab to do more research on hydroponics gardening and IoT technology.

Tanibox 1st Greenhouse

Q1 2016

Selling First Edition of GRO Planter: Andalas & Moyo

Sold the first series of GRO planters with name Andalas and Moyo, static hydroponic planter that use a method called wicking.

1st Planter series

Q2 2016

Built smart planter to plant fruits

This planter used several sensors such as light, temperature, and humidity. It also used an air pump to increase oxygen level in the nutrient water.

Won a competition

Q3 2016

Won a Competition

Our first smart planter prototype won the 3rd place of Indonesia IoT Challenge. We called it Kyuri Planter.

Won a competition

Q4 2016

Initiated Tania

We started to design and develop Tania farm management system with Symfony PHP framework.

Q1 2017

Registered company in Indonesia

After did Tanibox for one and a half years as a part-time project, we decided to do it in full-time. We legally registered Tanibox in Indonesia as PT Tanibox Agritech Indonesia.

Q2 2017

Released Tania

We released Tania farm management system to the public under Apache 2.0 open source license.

Q3 2017

Registered company in Estonia

We legally registered Tanibox in Estonia as Tanibox OÜ (registration code: 14305217). So, we can aim European market and talents.

Q4 2017

Exhibited in Web Summit

In Web Summit, Lisbon, we exhibited Tania and Terra, our sensor prototype for B2B.

Web Summit

Q1 2018

Grew the Team

We added new team members to rewrite Tania from PHP to Go lang. The aim is to make the deployment easier.

We prepare to launch a line of smart planters to retail market and named it GRO, and use Tania as a backbone of the GRO mobile app that will be available for iOS and Android.

Q2 2018

Released Tania & Pre-ICO campaign

We released the new Tania farm management system to the public in April 2018. It remains under Apache 2.0 open source license.

We prepare ICO to raise fund for hardware manufacturing and to develop Tania with a decentralised ledger. The plan is we will do private pre-ICO first in May 2018 to get the fund to acquire Estonia cryptocurrency business license, then go full ICO.

Q3 2018

ICO & GRO Planters Manufacturing

We will do full ICO in July 2018 for five months.

We will start the manufacture of GRO and Terra when we get enough funding from the ICO. We don't need to wait until the ICO complete.

Q4 2018

Blockchain Research & Development

Establish a team in Estonia to do research and development for our farming as a service ecosystem with the decentralised ledger.

Q1 2019

Released Tania Update

We aim to release a new update of Tania open source software that can manage big farm business.

Q2 2019

Market Tania and Terra to B2B

We will package Tania and Terra and start to market it to B2B costumer.

Q3 2019

Opening Physical Store in Bali & Jakarta

The physical store will be the place to sell our products, doing workshops, and gathering with our communities.

Q4 2019

Our Decentralised Ledger is Ready

We will integrate Tania to our decentralised ledger to power our farm as a service ecosystem.


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