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Urban Farming is Simple

Urban farming activities has become a new trend lately. It serve a big chunks of opportunity in terms of business. Urban areas are lack of vacant plots of land, and is driving more urban farmers to produce food vertically or at indoor spaces. More and more people living in big cities are getting into urban farming because of the luxury of having their own fresh food which they can harvest just a minute before eating it. But growing food the old way is just uncomfortable to be done in urban landscapes.

A growing numbers of urban farming enthusiasts are looking for soilless option to build their own herbs & vegetables garden since they don't want to invite unwanted insects and dirt inside their homes. They start to build local and online community to share their common interest and better gardening knowledge. Most reliable reference for gardening are books and expert gardening community members. Unfortunately, it's sometimes are not suitable for certain areas with very different geographical conditions.

Community & Knowledge Center
Connect to wi-fi internet connection
Discover Better Growing Conditions
Available Only
in Mobile Apps

what is gro?

GRO Smart Planters is the zero-effort gardening solutions that is convenient for urban gardeners in all stages, from beginner to advance, and acts as decorations. GRO uses water-efficient hydroponic method that suits small-spaced dwellings such as apartment. It also provides decorative element in places like cafe, restaurant, hotel, and other business places.

GRO is equipped with a mobile app that provides a monitoring device, gardening knowledge center, marketplace for gardening supplies, and a network for communities.


GRO Sumba

Sumba is a planter made from recycled glass and natural teak wood handmade by Balinese artisan.
You can grow herbs, flowers and house plant hydroponically or organically.


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