Traceability Platform

TRACE is a platform that gives verified food and agriculture product information about their story—their producers, origins, attributes, and ownership. We equip product information from our producers and partners with a unique ID that enables tracking of each item. Consumers could access a secure digital history with this ID, along with its verified claims, and enriched with the journey along the supply chain.

This platform allows our partners to make their businesses, products and supply chains more traceable and transparent
by confirming product attributes and identities in tracking ID through the supply chains.

TRACE can help consumers to

Access Information in Trusted & Secured Ecosystem
Discover Trusted Product Information
Develop Conscious Consumption Behavior

We envision a future where every food & agricultural product has a digital history

We are working towards an open traceability protocol that anyone can use to track the food and agriculture products history—anything from palm oil, cocoa, coffee beans to a box of cereal on supermarket.

Tanibox TRACE data can be linked to food & agricultural products through labelling, smart tags,
and embedded API for business consumer's website and mobile app to increase consumers' trust.


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