IoT Solution for Agriculture

Farmers have always used information about wind and weather to know when is the best time to grow certain crops. Recent development and dissemination of advanced technological tools at an affordable price have resulted in farmers having new and more precise tools to produce more with less resources. Better climate and weather data will help planning which crops to plant, how long to grow them, when to harvest, etc.

Smart computer and sensors able to form the backbone of the products and services within the smart agriculture sector. Smart sensors on critical water management infrastructure such as farm irrigation have the ability to control how much water is needed, detect leaks, measure water related data, including rainfall, pH, temperature, flow, pressure, and even contamination levels.

TERRA devices ability

Working Real-time in Trusted & Secured Ecosystem
Discover Better Growing Conditions
Mobile Access Friendly

Agriculture in the era of "Internet of Things"

As Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Terra computer and smart sensors allowing data to be accessed in local network and sent to cloud for remote access in periodically or real-time as needed. We plan to build devices that can be scalable and used in broader variety of conditions, adjusted to the scale of the business.

Terra Elements

Farm Computer

Agricultural Sensors

IoT Dashboard

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