FAAS in cooperative Ecosystem

We build an integrated solution operates in a transparent cooperative scheme to connect producers, partners, and end consumers to head towards a traceable, sustainable
and productive food system.

This solution grounded on three different technological products and services backed with blockchain-like ledger that will help producers and partners to bring trustworthy information to end consumers.

Our technology tracks every information related to assets, transactions and participants within the ecosystem; store them in a blockchain-like ledger;
and provides access to the stakeholders in a transparent approach.

empowering the whole supply chain


We help smallholder farmers by connecting them to other farmers, traders, and other businesses that sustain them collectively in a cooperative scheme. By grouping them, we will be able to provide them with integrated solution of technologies and trainings.


Our technology reinforces the works of sustainability standards organisations, governments, auditors and NGOs by providing a system for sharing trusted product journey and information directly from producers.


We create a platform where end consumers can get verified information about producers of the product they are going to buy, ingredients they use, the journey of the goods, and the certification or standards they profess.

our technology

Feature: Tania


Farm Management System

A multi-device application system that allows farmers to manage their labors, operations, finance and inventory, and empowers them with data-driven insights and modern farming technique.

Feature: Terra


Farm Computer & Sensors

A line of hardwares, devices, tools, and machineries that is designed and built specifically for agricultural needs. Terra technologies are set to work in various conditions in the rural area.

Feature: TRACE


Traceability Platform

Platform that enables producers and partners to open product information, track the journey of their goods, and educate consumers with conscious consumption behavior.

Implementing blockchain & iot in agriculture

Blockchain provides unchangeable, trusted traceability, and worldwide scalability information ledger that is able to eliminates the possibility of data forgery. It is a key tool for the agricultural IoT because of how it combines data storage and communication in a trusted medium.

Farmers can use sensors and smartphones to gather data of their crops since the first day of planting. The information is written onto the blockchain and can include and identify important factors later to be communicated to partners and consumers. By sharing data from early on in the growth process, a farm business can give their partners visibility into upcoming availability, which will help their consumers to reduce costs resulting from scrambling to find produce.


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