About Us

We are an agriculture technology company based in Estonia that combine blockchain and Internet of Things to empower food & agricultural supply chain within a transparent, secure, profitable and sustainable cooperative ecosystem.

We aim to bring trustworthy and transparent food value chain where smallholder farmers can make a decent living by practicing sustainable farming technique and consumers know the origins and story of the things they buy.

Tanibox Smart Farming


Asep Bagja Priandana


Serial entrepreneur that has more than 8 years experience in web and mobile app development. He exited from his previous company, Froyo Story, to fully commit to build modern agriculture sector.

Retno Ika Safitri

Chief of Product

Active for more than 7 years in software development and several tech startups in Jakarta (Indonesia). Practicing sustainable farming at her home with the help of Tanibox technologies.

Sumyandityo Noor

Tech Advisor

With over than 10 years experience, he built and led engineering team in bhinneka.com, one of giant and oldest marketplace in Indonesia. Currently he works at Go-Jek as Product Engineer.

Team Members

Panji Arif Narendra

Palm Oil Specialist

A.M. Adhatama

Backend Developer

Ade Anom

Mobile App Developer

Anang Pradipta

Digital Marketing Expert

Radita Liem

System Scalability Researcher

M. Aldiawan

Campaign Strategist

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