Pre-order in December, 2017

Tania Home

The heart of your urban farm.

Tania Home is an affordable and easy to use farm computer powered by Raspberry Pi and Tania Farm Operating System.
It works with many agricultural sensors and automation devices to help urban farmers gain more control of their operations.

Inform me when Tania Home is ready to order.

Simple, Easy & Intuitive
Farm Operating System

In order to make our farm computer works, we create an operating system that has power to record, process, translate and analyze farm data into meaningful insights by harnessing the power of IoT sensors and automation devices to help agriculture business owners to have easy-to-accessed evidence about what's going on in the field
and make their business more productive and profitable.

A free and open source farm operating system to help you manage your farm business. Anywhere, anytime.
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Xiaomi Flora

Works with existing sensors and controllers in the market.

Currently, Tania Home supports Xiaomi Mi Flora
and iTead Sonoff out of the box. More devices
are coming up.

DIY Sensors

Are you a farmer who loves to build your own devices?

Tania Home is using MQTT protocol, a well-known communication protocol for IoT. You can build your DIY devices and integrate it to Tania Home.

Let me know when Tania Home is ready to order.